Holiday Set Noisefree S
Holiday Set Noisefree S
Bill n'Becky Wilde Pickups

Holiday Set Noisefree S

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Holiday S Set of 3: L280SN, L280SM, L290SL

Select Black, Cream, & White Covers

The L-280 SN & SM

The L-280 is for players that love the beautiful rich sound of a traditional single coil pickup without the tormenting 60 cycle hum -- but that's not all. What seems to be a tame, sweet pussycat at lower volume levels turns into a wilde beast when you turn up your amp! Remember, high-volume players, like Jimi Hendrix and Roy Buchanan, did not use so-called "power pickups."

 The L-290SL

The L-290 Series brings our noisefree technology to players who prefer a higher output. It has the same basic features as the L-280 but trades off some of the traditional upper harmonic sparkle for a more pronounced midrange response, similar to a "soapbar" single coil pickup.

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