J45 Stagger Pole Pieces
J45 Flush Pole Pieces


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J Bass Pickups


 The J-45 is a coaxial coil design incorporating our air spaced micro-coil system, to reproduce a noise free and Traditional Jazz Bass Sound. Nine evenly spaced direct alnico 2 magnets provide a wide magnetic field to perform equally well on most 4 and 5 string basses.


We offer the J45 in flush or slight stagger pole pieces. The slight stagger accommodates most neck radii. Generally, for a flat compound radius we suggest the flush.




Neck:                       Lead:
Width: 0.73"           Width: 0.73"
Length: 3.55"         Length: 3.71"
Depth: 0.83"          Depth: 0.83"

3.4H - Neck
5.0H Lead