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Microscopic Precision
Volume Equalization

by Pickup and PolePiece Height Setup

Microcoil Strat Set w/ adjustable pole pieces -  $135.00
Color Choice for Microcoil Strat Set


Microcoil Tele Set w/ adjustable pole pieces - $95.00

Photo by Craig Richardson - 2011

Bill Lawrence MicroCoil Enthusiasm!

Hello Becky, I received and installed the microcoils the other day and they are without a doubt the finest tele pickups I have ever heard. I love them so much I just put an order in for another tele set and also a strat set. Please thank Bill for this wonderful contribution to the art of tone. All the best and Happy Holidays, Randy

I've had micro-coil pickups in my American Strat since last spring. The guitar sounds great. The bridge pickup is really happening. It's bright and brilliant without sounding shrill. All the pickups sound great, but I played a rocking gig recently and kept coming back to the bridge pickup. Plus I can't get over how quiet these real single coil pickups are. They NEVER hum except when I get close to a light dimmer (rheostat?) which so far has only happened at my home! Keep up the good work. David



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