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Welcome to our Bill Lawrence Signature Pickups™ which I have proudly made since 1991!

With Bill Lawrence's Innovative One Price System, and offering directly to guitarist starting in 1999, the wait to ship after ordering has always been a changing variable in these 15 years. Since the long term company goal is continue with Bill's direction for YOU, currently our wait is extended, and the average wait to ship after ordering is around 3 to 4 weeks. Remember, this can always change again very quickly, and if so, will let you know. If I don't respond right away via e-mail, also try Private Messaging me at the BL WildeGate or text at 951-371-1494. Remember, it's a good thing if I don't answer you right away because I'm handmaking Bill Lawrence Signature Pickups™, and getting them ready to pack and ship to YOU!

Thanks to our Customer Friends, new and many of you that Bill & I have known for years! Appreciate your Continued Support.

For the holiday, I add a beautiful note that Bill wrote in 2012.
Thank you again, Becky



Bill Lawrence L-500 Black Satin Finish




New!! Bill Lawrence L-500 Black Satin Finish







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