Becky & Shannon


About Becky:

Becky has been working in the pickup industry for almost thirty years. She was there designing, researching, implementing, and producing right along with Bill. She is incredibly knowledgeable about Bill's history.  She is also the driving force of the present and future of Wilde Pickups by Bill Lawrence.

Contact Info: and 951-371-1494


About Shannon:

Hi! I am Bill and Becky’s daughter. One very early memory of mine is of Bill showing me a copper wire wound coil. I started winding those coils at fourteen. Working in production is my favorite job at Wilde Pickups. Hands down the most fun pickup to produce is the original Micro-coils. Bill not only designed all the pickups he also designed the entire way they were produced for maximum quality control, efficiency, and ease. To me the Micro-coils are a masterpiece in design and implementation into production.  Today, Becky and I work together to produce Wilde Pickups by Bill Lawrence.

What makes us really lucky at Wilde Pickups is having the best customers-guitar players!  You cant get cooler than that!

Favorite instrument: If I were a guitar player I would play the steel guitar. Becky gave me a lap steel with a L45S in it and I am practicing.

Favorite guitar player: Wes Montgomery and Bill Lawrence

New Goal: I make these pickups now I need to learn about installation! I am lucky to have Becky-she’s an incredible source of knowledge.

Contact Info: 951-310-9033