Q-filter capacitor and resistor
Bass Filter
Bill n'Becky Wilde Pickups


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Q-Filter & Bass Filter


Bill's filter is an LCR, inductance, capacitance, and resistance network, sized as a 1" cube, and can be a helpful device for multi-sound capabilities. It is ideal for those players who do not typically use their tone control. It is like taking turns off your pickup while staying noisefree. Its Bill's preferred method versus split coil.


Since the 1960's Bill has promoted the filter as a player and a designer. He's most famous for using it in the guitar he designed for Gibson back in the 70's -- the L6S. It can simply take the place of the capacitor at the tone control or wired to a push-pull or on-off switch to maintain the standard tone control position while switching to the "Q-Tone".


 Guitar Filter


Inductance - 1.8 Henry

Bass Filter
Inductance - 3.0 Henry