L202TN Chrome Cover
L280TN open coil black
L280TN open coil black
L280TN open coil black
L280TN open coil black
Bill n'Becky Wilde Pickups

Noisefree T Neck

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"Thy Pickup Shall Not Hum!"


All tele models blend and balance well with each other and in various combinations. In fact, Bill's  American Standard Tele is equipped with an L-280TN and an L-290TL.



The L-280T is for players that love the beautiful rich sound of a traditional single coil pickup without the tormenting 60 cycle hum -- but that's not all. What seems to be a tame, sweet pussycat at lower volume levels turns into a wilde beast when you turn up your amp!



The L-200 is quite different. While the L-280 reproduces a very linear harmonic spectrum, the L-200, with some dips in the lower midrange and some nice peaks in the upper midrange, gives you a more "Stratty" sound without losing that certain sweetness.



Similar to the L200TN but in a cover. Choose from chrome, black, or white. Bill has tooled up for a plastic cover that is chrome plated which does not affect the sound like traditional metal covers.