L200TL- direct alnico magents- slight stagger
L200TL- direct alnico magents- slight stagger
L290TL /TL-E slight stagger
Bill n'Becky Wilde Pickups

Noisefree Tele Lead

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"Thy Pickup Shall Not Hum!"


All tele models blend and balance well with each other and in various combinations.

L290TL & L290TL-E:

The L-290T family includes two options for the bridge pickup - the TL and the TL-E: the L-290TL has great output, less highs while retaining some of that traditional edge. For the "Early" 50s flavor, go with our L-290TL-E. It delivers even more output and is ideal when used in combination with our Q-Filter for a versatile one-pickup guitar.


L290TL-The L-290T Series brings our noisefree technology to players who prefer a higher output and a more pronounced midrange response, similar to a "soapbar" single coil pickup.




Launched in the 2000's and using direct alnico magnets. An omni-directional bridge pickup you can use with most bridges. You can shield the cavity with copper tape-something that can help with a lot of tele setups. 




L-298T is "The Working Horse of our Noisefree Singles". It performs at its best in the lead position where you need rich lows, combined with a good amount of bite, without getting muddy or harsh. The L-298, in combination with our Q-Filter, can give you the widest variety of different sounds, ranging from Ultra-Sweet to High Power Performance!