Micro-coil T Set of Two with Adjustable pole pieces: Neck- black cover Lead- open coil black
Micro-Coil T Set of two
Micro-Coil T Set of two
Microcoil T neck Pickup with adjustable pole pieces- black cover
Micro-Coil T Set of two
Micro-Coil TL open coil black with adjustable pole pieces
Bill n'Becky Wilde Pickups

Micro-Coil T Set of two

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Microscopic Precision Volume Equalization
  by Pickup and PolePiece Height Setup


Bill, as a designer's culmination of work, is to offer simplicity and getting the most results. The idea behind the Micro-coil design is to offer a set with the simple change of a capacitor can fine tune your sound.


The Micro-coil T set of two with adjustable pole pieces comes in either black or white neck cover and open coil black lead.