Bill Lawrence And his teachings-Article from Guitar Player Magazine Dec 1975

As I child I would wake up everyday to Bill playing his guitar, he only played the acoustic at home and I only ever saw him play professionally with his electric- he is hands down my favorite guitar player and performer. He would sit at his round table where he did most of his design work with coffee, his pad of yellow paper, a number .5mm size lead pencils, erasers and calculators. Plus he also had impeccably organized pickups, parts, magnets, pole pieces etc from which he was currently designing. He would do drawings, math, and writings at that table. Bill would talk and teach at that table.  I miss Bill and his playing and the conversations. 

His teaching lives so far on because he was not only ahead of his time but he has his designs, writings, books, and papers of mathematics that Becky and I hold dear. 

I found an article where Bill answers the 10 most frequent questions about guitar pickups by Guitar Player Magazine December 1975. 

There is an incredible amount of information on these pages. I hope you enjoy!


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