Noisefree Series #1- Intro about the design

L200SM L200SN L280SM L280SN L290SL L298SL L298SM L298SN Noisefree

Wilde Pickups: Bill Lawrence’s Noise-fee Design-Series #1

 The noise-free pickups that we are producing today was first launched with the L280 design, for both strat and tele in 1996. Bill added later: the L200, L290SL, and L298 series. This is an introductory video talking a little about the design and showing what the strat noise-free design looks like. There are a lot of fun details to talk about, so we decided to make a series of the Noise-free videos, this is the first!

We will do videos for the different designs and for strat and tele. Please leave a comment if you have a specific question you would like us to answer and we just might do a video just answering questions!

Thanks for watching our videos and for supporting us at Wilde Pickups!

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