Noisefree Series #2- L280/L290

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 Wilde Bill Lawrence Noise-free Series

The L280 series for Strat and Tele was launched in 1995. It has been almost 25 years and is still one of the best noise-free pickups on the market because of its versatility and innovation to what it can bring. The L290 series was launched two years later in 1997 and is our most popular bridge pickups, converting many players who did not typically use their bridge position before!

Bill wanted to design a versatile noise-free pickup, which he achieved, with ceramic magnets.

Please find below an excerpt of the “Ceramics vs Alnico” write-up by Bill.  The full writing can be found on his website in the Pickupology section, the link is:


Ceramics vs Alnico

When I read that ceramic magnets sound harsh and alnico magnets sound sweet, I ask myself, " Who the hell preaches such nonsense?" There are harsh-sounding pickups with alnico magnets and sweet-sounding pickups with ceramic magnets and vice-versa! A magnet by itself has no sound, and as a part of a pickup, the magnet is simply the source to provide the magnetic field for the strings. The important factor is the design of a magnetic circuit which establishes what magnet to use.

Though ceramic magnets cost less than alnico magnets of equal size, a well-designed magnetic circuit using ceramic magnets costs much more than the six Alnico 5 magnets of a traditional single coil pickup!

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